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Brain Damage

Eminem has been near to death several times in his life and he owes one of the scariest events that happened in his life to a man named DÂ’Angelo Bailey.

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Eminem to release a new track against the Source

A lyrical salvo fired by Eminem, seemingly toward rapper and The Source magazine co-founder Benzino, leaked onto the Internet over the weekend.

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Kim finally shows up

Kim Mathers It seems Kim Mathers has been enjoying a little CP time or avoiding inevitable disciplinary action.

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Eminem and Kim's love-hate relationship

This blog has moved to: The Eminem Blog Eminem and Kim’s twisted relationship has constantly been targetted by the media.

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Keeping it in the family

Eminem is under fire for denigrating black women. That’s the job of black rappers

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Eminem's greatest gift : Hailie Jade

Hailie Jade is Eminem and Kim’s daughter.

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Viewing culture through Eminem

Anthony Bozza met Eminem in 1999 when the milky rapper’s fame was “still a whiff on the air.”

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Nathan Mathers

Nathan Mathers is Debbie’s second son with Fred Samra Jr and Eminem’s half brother. Both brothers have a good and close relationship. Along with Hailie, Nathan belongs to the persons that really matter in Marshall’s life.

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Benzino and the Source's plot against Eminem

Some people are ready to do anything to get some publicity. They would walk on the dead if they had to.

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Russell Simmons supports Eminem

Influential hip-hop figurehead Russell Simmons has come out in support of Eminem against allegations of racism.

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