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Remembering the Irish

Young Irelander wonders if there is any form of website that promotes the issue of Irish participation in the two world wars. This is a serious subject, and one I have personal experience of. My great grand uncle, Owen Clerkin, … Continue reading

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Mossad warning over nuclear Iran

It looks like Israel is getting pretty pissed off. “This problem should be of concern to the whole world and not just Israel.” Mr Peres, widely regarded as the father of Israel’s secretive nuclear deterrent, dampened suggestions that Israel was … Continue reading

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Global warming approaching critical point

Global warming is approaching the critical point of no return, after which widespread drought, crop failure and rising sea-levels would be irreversible, an international climate change task force warned Monday. The report, “Meeting the Climate Challenge,” called on the G-8 … Continue reading

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Speculation on Condi Rices' sexuality

Late last year I wrote a post about rumours circulating concerning Condi Rices’ sexuality. Some more people recently added comments including: Condoleeza has a wife in the D.C. area and used to roll with Anita Hill in lesbian haunts. Comment … Continue reading

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Comment spam update

Google are working to try and curtail comment spam. Much of the weblog software out there will support the new rule. What bugs me is that over the last 3 days I have recorded about 1000 spam comments that don’t … Continue reading

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I am taking a short break – Dick has the story on the blog party – an enjoyable night nonetheless!

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I have returned to the blogosphere, more soon.

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Blog Party

Hope to see you all there – I should get there for about 5pm… Market Bar Fade Street Dublin

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On grieving

A fellow blogger has lost a friend – nothing I can add.

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Posting hiatus

Posts will be light over the coming days…and should return to normal after the blog do on Saturday!

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