Tom Cruise on Oprah

Is he on cocaine, drunk or just plain crazy?

Update, June 17, 2005: The video link appears not to be working now, so try this one instead.

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9 Responses to Tom Cruise on Oprah

  1. barrydublin says:

    Never mind wot the fuck Tom Cruise is on, your first entry for the 1st june is at 8.30 in the morn and yer still poking yer puter at 2,00 int mornin, ave been home and a kip, a shag an now back at work, gordon bennet

  2. Just plain gay, if you ask me.

  3. ryan says:

    Looks like he’s making a move into tele-evangalism..

  4. Keith says:

    It’s obvious: wouldn’t you be like that if you were banging Katie Holmes?

    BTW, broken link.

  5. outtacontrol says:

    got a gay face

  6. chris says:

    hes definately on somje serious crack cocaine or speed.

  7. Tom is weird says:

    From scientology, to dating a girl who cold be his daugter, to having a hissy fit over water getting splashed on him….anyway..I started a tom sucks blog..

  8. Christopher says:

    Me thinks Tom protesteth too much. He’s bi at the least, gay at the most. He’s headed for a big crash at this rate. The manic episodes keep getting worse…..but then he doesn’t believe in manic episodes does he? (this begs the question then…are they real for him?)

  9. prepuce says:

    my foreskin is throbbing

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