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Dick has been posting on the Examiner’s story by Dan Buckley. I don’t see him linking to the absolutely fascinating interview done on the News at One. So here it is folks!. (Click ok when the error comes up, then … Continue reading

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One of my pet searches is for my own first name. I have been watching it for a few years now. Something happened to Gavin Friday that he has disappeared off the list, so I am now ranked number two/three … Continue reading

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Man shot in London

This has been the big story of the day. According to my own sources he was wearing a bomb belt, and according to one witness he was: Another passenger on the train, Anthony Larkin, told BBC News the man appeared … Continue reading

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It looks like some of the devices failed to explode, the detonators may have.

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Google Moon

When I first tested Google Earth I immediately noted that you could zoom out quite far from Earth, perhaps a little more than I need. So I said to myself, this probably means they will do the whole solar system … Continue reading

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India and the US

Dan has a very interesting post on the latest deal between India and the US. This is a very curious development indeed. President Bush agreed yesterday to share civilian nuclear technology with India, reversing decades of U.S. policies designed to … Continue reading

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Blogiversary – 3 years old today

On the 19th of July 2002 I started this weblog. In that time the look and feel of it have chopped and changed, visitors have come and gone, readers have stayed or left. Software changed and blogging as a medium … Continue reading

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The first rule of adsense is that you don’t talk about adsense. I am testing some new things out on my blog – just to see what happens! Blogging has been light thanks to the fine weather here in Ireland, … Continue reading

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Ronan Mullen on Islam

I really don’t know what to make of Ronan Mullen’s remarks today. Has anyone any thoughts on this? We have grounds for humility. It took Western Christianity centuries to arrive at the insight that human dignity called for freedom of … Continue reading

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Tall Ships in Waterford

Ryan from has posted some spectacular images of the fireworks display in Waterford for the Tallships race. Go have a look now.

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