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Rory Carroll

Rory Carroll missing in Baghdad? I hope he will be ok.

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Freedom of the press in Dubai?

A curious development given the bad state of press freedom in Dubai: Sheikh Mohammed, Dubai’s Crown Prince, has called for a new era of press freedom in the United Arab Emirates. In mid-October, he waxed poetic before 500 journalists at … Continue reading

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An affair to remember

One of the stranger stories you might hear from the UAE: A camel has been condemned to death after a worker was caught having sex with it in the remote emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. The man, a Bangladeshi driver, … Continue reading

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Podcasting question

Can anyone from the podcasting/audioblogging world recommend a good high quality but inexpensive microphone?

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Police: Wife of TV legal analyst slain

This could turn into an even bigger trial than the ones Daniel Horowitz is involved with. The wife of prominent defense attorney and TV legal analyst Daniel Horowitz was found slain in the entryway of the couple’s San Francisco Bay … Continue reading

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Stopping blogging

I have to sympathise with the views expressed by Xanadb in his final post. To my mind the bloggersphere has reached a saturation point. I just can’t be bothered following them anymore. A case in point was the recent announcement … Continue reading

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Space weapons

Simon over at Dossing believes that weapons in space is ‘utter balloney’ and will never happen. I disagree, the motivation is there and the goal is too big a prize not to achieve. There are lots of possibilities besides the … Continue reading

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Chinese spacecraft back to Earth

It looks like a success for China, their prowess in space technology continues to grow.

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Solicitor corruption

I just can’t understand the muted response in the media. Sunday morning radio shows barely mentioned it, Gerry Ryan mentioned in passing this morning. Indeed the Sunday papers I had a chance to look at yesterday barely figured it as … Continue reading

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Irish solicitors

Words can’t desribe. I should really go into a rant about the goings on with Irish solicitors and their clients, but I am so angry I can’t articulate my position right now. I can’t understand why this is not figuring … Continue reading

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