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Putting Windows XP on Intel Macs

It looks like some people are making their new Apples into temporary lumps of plastic by trying to install Windows XP. Now a bounty is being offered for the first person to boot Windows XP onto an Intel Mac.

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Ads testing

I know at least some readers dislike ads placed on my entries, so please forgive the extra ad placements while I test out layouts and CTR’s.

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Celebrity Big Brother

Yes I watch it, and I really do dislike Pete Burns. And how entertaining is George Galloway in a leotard dancing around like a robot? Yes, very!

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I received an email from BT Ireland saying my broadband would be upgraded on Monday 23rd, looks like they did it already though. Getting download speeds of about 220k/sec. ‘Tis nice after being so long on dial up all those … Continue reading

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Medieval Irish warlord boasts three million descendants

I meant to blog this last week, so I am just sticking it in the archives. Up to three million men around the world could be descended from a prolific medieval Irish king, according to a new genetic study. It … Continue reading

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UCC Politics Society

The newly formed UCC Politics Society has a website, and guess who hosts it and put it up? Yea. Using WordPress 2.0 for now, will be updating the template shortly. There is also one more person in Ireland blogging because … Continue reading

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Google defies US over search data

This is indeed a curious turn of events. The internet search engine Google is resisting efforts by the US Department of Justice to force it to hand over data about what people are looking for. Google was asked for information … Continue reading

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Palestinian ambassador interview

Richard Delevan, a much missed regular feature in the Irish blogosphere has a post today with an exerpt of an interview he did with the Palestinian ambassador to Ireland. You can read the first part of the interview here.

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Staff rebellion at the World Bank?

A good friend of the staff here at Gavin’s Blog, Steve Clemons, has a story on an array of departures at the World Bank, since neo-conservative/neo-idealist Paul Wolfowitz became head of the organisation. The money quote: In recent months, picking … Continue reading

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802.11n agreed

Finally. I remember writing about 802.11n proposals way back in 2001. At the time 802.11b was dominant, and the debate was who would win in the 802.11g versus 802.11a debate. It was always going to be ‘g’, working on a … Continue reading

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