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New look

Slightly modified theme. Impressions?

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DOW Jones to reach record high?

It looks like the Dow Jones Industrial Average is about to surpass the record levels it was reaching prior to September 11 2001. The Dow reached a high in May 2001, at 11,301. The highest closing figure of the Dow … Continue reading

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Aine Chambers on Podge and Rodge

Click here. It finally happened, much to the delight of Damien no doubt.

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Someone loses the head… Who’s going to pay for the air?

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Bush breaks the law?

Not only did George Bush get a gift of an iPod from Bono, he apparently illegally rips CDs (or has someone do it for him) Video here. (via Boing)

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Suspect blogged about cannibalism

If he is guilty of what he is alleged to have done, his blog might be useful to those interested in the mind of a very very sick individual. I guess his first entry in September 2002 might betray a … Continue reading

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Red FM blogs

It went below my ‘blogdar’ as it were, but Red FM here in Cork seems to have an inordinate amount of staff blogging. Not alone that but it appears they are being actively encouraged to do so by management. Just … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

To celebrate Easter have a listen to Bill Hicks’ take on Easter and Gideons… Easter.mp3 Gideons.mp3 Not work safe either!

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Some Bill Hicks (not work safe)

Click here

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Oh they called back

As happens with radio shows, they called back because of a cancellation. So I was on for a good 10 minutes. Good questions, I hope I sounded ok.

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