Quietest month

I’ve just realised that July 2006 was my quietest month for posting since I started blogging, with a total of nine, yes NINE posts.

Whatever next?

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4 Responses to Quietest month

  1. annette says:

    Yes Gavin, we’re losing you to the world of academia! BTW will you be in Dublin on 19 August for the latest blogger do?

  2. Gavin Sheridan says:

    I can certainly try to make it!

  3. circe says:

    Our original blog has been down for various and sundry reasons so no one was able to post for 3 whole weeks. (Ker finally made this alternate site….)


  4. Peader says:

    That’s what happens when one enters the ‘real’ world of working full time mate ! Wait till you have Children ; )

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