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Proximity Property Limited

Here is the CRO company printout. 2110765_11.pdf First question. What involvement, if any, did the State-owned Industrial Credit Corporation have with Proximity, or 72 Amiens Street? Ah yes, the mortgage was taken out by Ahern et al with ICC. Brian … Continue reading

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Hmm. I’ve spent the last few hours going over Dail television archives. I am posting statements the Taoiseach made, that were of concern to the Tribunal, to YouTube. On a personal level it is clear to me. Ahern outright lied … Continue reading

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Happiness is…

Sadness is… totally inappropriate planning (Ireland’s tallest building)

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Gilvarry letter to Guidera

I have transcribed the first of the letters. It is in PDF format here

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Faking Facebook 2

As I expected, someone has come clean as the faker of Barry Egan’s profile. “Egan” added me as a friend, but I never replied to the request. Putting “natch” after one of the profile items was the clincher for me. … Continue reading

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Ahern's gamble

We knew this was coming. Ahern has decided to take a case to the High Court and is challenging aspects of its investigation. reports: Today, lawyers acting for Mr Ahern in the High Court in Dublin secured leave to … Continue reading

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Blog awards

The shortlists are up. I have been nominated in the best news/current affairs blog category. Cheers to the person who nominated me :). I guess I should do some link whoring or something to all the other nominees. I am … Continue reading

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Canon 20D testing

So I bought the Rymus 20D, and have taken a few photos to try her out. As always, Puds makes a good subject. Chilling out:

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Demetrius and Dunlop

After a thorough investigation, the Mahon Tribunal has found that Frank Dunlop redacted references to a Fine Gael activist he called “Demetrius”. Who on earth was it?

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Faking Facebook

What a curious thing. This week someone by the name of Simon Coveney, and using a picture of a TD of the same name, joined the Resign, Mr Ahern Facebook group. Interesting, I said to myself. I wonder if that … Continue reading

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