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New toys

On Kathryn‘s advice I’ve been playing with some new tools. I added Apture via a plugin, and I must say I do like it. It makes it easy to add extra media to text-driven blog posts. I’ll keep it on … Continue reading

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Hurricane Ike satellite photo

Hurricane Ike as it would appear from space: Scary.

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Remembering September 11

Seven years have flown by. It only seems like last week. For some reason this photo has been one of the most provocative of that day for me. I guess it brings the scale of the day down to a … Continue reading

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Matt Damon on Palin

And thank you to Mr Damon for saying the most sensible stuff about Palin thus far.

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Lisbon 2 in Autumn '09?

The Telegraph are saying this is the likely day for our second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. I must say, I like the name of the briefing paper: The Solution to the Irish Problem An internal EU briefing paper, entitled … Continue reading

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Breaking news Facebook

I see my company launched a Facebook page/group for its Breaking News section. It looks like it started back in August and it seems many invites were sent out recently. It’s a step in the right direction.

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Yahoo f**k up

Good stuff Yahoo, put a pic of Obama next to a headline about terrorism. I imagine the picture was added automatically because of the related keywords – but shouldn’t they really check it before it goes live? Update: Someone/something from … Continue reading

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Afghan poppies

The movement of a turbine into Afghanistan makes for fascinating reading. The Economist concludes: Electricity is the basis of any long-term economic development, which in turn is essential to winning hearts and minds. Without power there can be no factories … Continue reading

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The Media Elite


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Energy security

I had an interesting conversation a few weeks ago with an officer from a British navy ship that had docked in Cork. The subject of the conversation varied, but it tended towards military/strategic plans of Britain and the US. What … Continue reading

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