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Dog licence windup on 96fm

I remember hearing this when it was broadcast back in the 1990s. Great to see it on YouTube. Pure hilarity. Via Cian.

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Richard Branson on Twitter

I think Twitter just went mainstream.

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RTE on Declan Ganley

Am I the only person in Ireland who doesn’t think Declan Ganley is the devil incarnate? I am perplexed by the recent Aine Lawlor interview and the Primetime hit job on him tonight. And I use the phrase hit job … Continue reading

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FAS shenanigans

Rumours abound. Serious stuff. I heard one over the summer about FÁS. It was around the time that Enda Kenny told the Dail that gardaí were investigating the alleged misappropriate use of funds by a senior executive within FÁS. The … Continue reading

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George Lee pitches the Segway

Yes it was rather comical.

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How deep does the FAS rabbit hole go?

Maman points out a curiosity about Brian Cowen’s relationship to Rody Molloy. It could be true. Cowen is married to Mary Molloy. In June, Cowen had this to say about Mr Molloy: “the chief executive of that organisation is a … Continue reading

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ISS decade and the Burj Dubai

The ISS celebrates 10 years in space this week, and the Big Picture has a photo spread covering the 10th anniversary. Some of the photos are pretty spectacular. It tops last week’s excellent spread on Dubai, which included a really … Continue reading

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Peter Schiff on the money

Via Andrew. Things are not looking pretty. Run on the dollar. No sign of a bottom.

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Cervical cancer

The extended interview: Nothing I can add. Join the 7,500 people on the Facebook group demanding the cervical cancer vaccine programme is reinstated.

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Housing bubble downfall

Via south.

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