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Life images

Go and get lost in Google’s archive of images from Life magazine, dating back to the 1750s. It points to some stunning images of Marilyn Monroe.

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Monty Python comes to YouTube

Rather that issuing take down notices, the lads of Monty Python created their own YouTube channel. Smart guys. Here is their blurb: For 3 years you YouTubers have been ripping us off, taking tens of thousands of our videos and … Continue reading

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Mark Cuban sued

Blogger billionaire Cuban is being sued by the SEC over alleged insider trading. An interesting turn of events given his involvement in Mr. Cuban stated, “I am disappointed that the Commission chose to bring this case based upon its … Continue reading

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John Crown on the cervical cancer vaccine programme

The Facebook group was mentioned on TV3 news last night, and in the Irish Times yesterday. We passed 3,000 members a couple of hours ago.

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Late debate

Michael Healy-Rae is the Sarah Palin of Irish politics.

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Interesting stuff as ever from Politico: Here’s how you can tell the campaign is over and the transition has begun: Barack Obama’s aides now wear suits and ties, their desks are in the Federal Building on 6th Street in Washington … Continue reading

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Google speak to search

Ah, it might take time to tweak this, but within a year or two it should be fine for any accent I imagine. Way of the future I guess. Well, that and magazines designed specifically for the iPhone.

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Facebook group update

I am still amazed. We can no longer keep count of invites to the Cervical Cancer Vaccine Facebook group. When it went beyond 6,000 invites, Facebook simply stopped showing how many are now invited. So the revised figures, just 60 … Continue reading

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Olbermann in a minute

Get the latest news satire and funny videos at

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Cervical cancer vaccine Facebook group

I’ve been helping Red Mum out with her Facebook group on the cervical cancer vaccine debacle. The figures are nothing short of staggering. In just over 30 hours the group has gone from 1 member to nearly 900. The number … Continue reading

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