Fianna Fail website relaunches

Just in time for the Ard Fheis. It is Obamaified. They are also on Flickr (no photos up yet), Twitter, YouTube (three videos?) and Facebook. I guess we all have to start somewhere.

Somehow, though, it all just feels empty. Or maybe a better word would be devoid of something.

Ah. That’s what it was. Ethics.

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4 Responses to Fianna Fail website relaunches

  1. I see there is no open forum for visitors to comment or reply.
    I wonder why?

  2. Gavin Sheridan says:

    I wonder…

  3. asdas says:

    congratulation on being the only one to mention how bad the site is.

  4. I noticed they only have a few videos online, there was a youTube account set up for the last one though (#AF07 I guess) and all the speakers (including yours truly) were captured, I thought they might have migrated the content the must have decided on a clean slate.. I think the site initially was like a CMS that had yet to be seeded, starting to flesh out bit now tho

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