Colbert and newspapers

An instant Colbert classic:

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2 Responses to Colbert and newspapers

  1. Conor says:

    SC: You are saying the industry is not dead?
    JS: Not dead yet.

    The “yet” was a real confidence boost. There is hope a terminal prognosis may be drawn out for longer than right this minute.

  2. “Mr Connolly resigned from the newspaper as a results of its apology over the affair, and Tom Gilmartin, who was totally unrelated to the story, later said he believed the entire affair was a “setup”. Indeed, Mr O’Brien only made the payment of the award to Mr Ahern in 2006, just prior to the deadline, and prompted by media queries. Mr Connolly apparently believes the entire Starry saga to have been a ruse, fabricated by Starry to create allegations similar to the ones Gilmartin was making in relation to bribes given to Ahern.”
    Gavin, I believe you may be on to deeper shit than you/anybody knows here..

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