Puds incident

As if to prove he is not the scaredy cat I think he is, I awoke this morning to the sound of Mr Puds plucking feathers from a pigeon he had just killed in cold blood. Yes, he brought the pigeon to my bedroom in order to feast on it. The scene was too graphic for pictures. Let’s just say there were feathers everywhere.

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5 Responses to Puds incident

  1. Felim says:

    Well done puds. Having read some sceptical reviews of your bottle here recently, I salute your bold reassertion of kitty nerve. Huzza!

  2. Dan says:

    It probably attacked that poor bird because you aren’t feeding it properly.

  3. Gavin Sheridan says:

    An outrageous allegation! Lol Puds is very well fed!

  4. Sounds like that fat cat will go far.. a promising candidate maybe for a ministry in a Fianna Fail maladministration-like in Finance?

  5. Treasa says:

    There is something I could say…

    I’m trying so hard not to say it…

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