De blogging

Things have been quiet around these parts of late. I moved to Dublin, started working for Storyful, and have been kept very busy over at doing FOIs. Do readers want me to cross post everything from to here?

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  1. I already follow TheStory, and I suspect most of your readers here do too. Keep them separate, keep gavinsblog for the personal, for the things that don’t fit in TheStory or Storyful.

  2. Anthony Sheridan says:

    I agree with Gerard

  3. A punter says:

    We followed you to thestory already. no need to crosspost.

  4. TJ says:

    I’m in agreement with the others. Keep this site separate. I’m probably not alone in following via RSS feeds, so cross-posting just means duplicate items in my reader.

  5. How do all and compliments to Gavin on Rather than annoy Gavin would any of Gavin’s posters here know what the costs are in FOI requests?

    We’ve been piling into a Quango Hammer thread and have a couple of people doing a wiki as well but one particular quango was heartestoppingly wasteful on a major social issue. The Residential Institutions Redress Board has been burning through millions of euros in the most extraordinary fashion and has generated a bit of heat so one or two people have asked me how do they go about FOI’s. I thought of and went there to see if there was a guideline note but may not be seeing it.

    I bet Gavin gets that kind of question all the time so sorry if I’m being a putz…

    anyone got a decent link or note available on FOIs?

  6. punter says:

    cross posting isn’t necessary.

  7. E says:


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