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“Ireland’s best blogger”Steve Clemons, The Washington Note

“Well-regarded current affairs blog… Reams of intelligent debate and a focus on international events.” The Irish Independent

“… One of the older kids on the block… A good place to start reading what’s out there.” The Irish Times


I started blogging back in 2002 because it allowed me to get my opinions, thoughts and views to an audience without much expense.

I have worked at many things, including the whole writing jazz, and have been published in such titles as the Irish Examiner and the New Statesman. I drink Murphy’s, Beamish or Bulmers, depending on the weather. I studied politics and history in UCC, and graduated in 2008.

Following a few years of blogging I started working as a sub-editor for the Irish Examiner. I also spend way too much time tinkering with new media technologies that some day all print journalists will have to learn. Like Flip Minos, DSLRs, eeePCs, social bookmarking, blogging, micro-blogging and qiking. I now work for a new media startup in Dublin.

This is my collection of books. (I will read them all some day)

I am known in the blogosphere for:
An initial distrust of Google
Being threatened with legal action by author John Gray.
Appearing on Irish television to talk about blogging
A Chronology of Bertie Ahern’s resignation
Visiting Georgia after the war
Getting to Grant Park, Chicago on Election Night 2008
Getting to Washington DC on Inauguration Day 2009

I also am founder of the Mahon Tribunal wiki, and Public Inquiry. I help out with KildareStreet.com and I also write on Irish Election. I also co-founded The Story with Mark Coughlan.


ANY views expressed on this blog are entirely the personal views of Gavin, and in no way relate to the views or opinions of his employers.

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5 Responses to About

  1. Paschal says:


    Quick note to say how much I enjoy your blog.

    Just to let you know that I have my own site up and running. It’s http://www.paschaldonohoe.ie and comments on my life as a senator and constituency politician.

    well done again


  2. Junk says:

    stop spamming wikipedia kthxbai

  3. Tom Vandenbosche says:


    I have 4 questions for you:

    I would like to ask if you like skiing? Do you have an Irish twin? This year for St. Patrick’s Day should I be Tommy O’Vandenbosche, or Tommy McVandenbosche? How about a Murphys?

  4. Fiona Ashe says:

    Hi Gavin,

    Many congratulations on your move to Mark Little’s new venture! I hope it’s satisfying, fun and very successful.

    Best wishes,

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