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Fianna Fail Ard Fheis (a convention of sorts)

I hope to get up to Citywest early tomorrow and spend the day at the FF Ard Fheis. Other bloggers will be in attendance, and the tag on Twitter will be #ffaf.

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Two milestones this week. Firstly the blog I started in mid 2005, originally named Irish Corruption and later renamed Public Inquiry, is a finalist in the Best Political Blog category at the Irish Blog awards. I blogged on there consistently … Continue reading

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Walking the Gap of Dunloe

I went with some colleagues to walk the Gap of Dunloe and Black Valley in Co Kerry last Saturday. I did tweet some of it, but we were soon out of coverage. I took my trusty 20D along too, here … Continue reading

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What Would Google Do?

I just got my hands on a review copy of Jeff‘s new book. I am still in the middle of reading Cyburbia and Here Comes Everybody, so Jarvis comes after. I have been reading Jeff regularly since 2001, so I’m … Continue reading

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Christian Bale loses it

An hilarious listen. Mr Bale loses it on the set of Terminator Salvation. Not work safe though. Very well worth a listen if you want to hear an actor throwing a hissy fit.

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Apture for WordPress

I first started experimenting with Apture a few months back, and have since turned it off. While I loved it, it had a habit of chewing up memory on my server. To me it was a combination of ease-of-use, along … Continue reading

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Zoetrope online archiving

This is one of the best demonstrations of groundbreaking technology I have ever seen. Google need to start doing this yesterday. Or buy the guys who did this. Web 3.0. Details here.

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Munich wanderings

I never got round to posting some photos from my very brief visit to Munich during the Oktoberfest. I had better share some. Eamonn was a true gent and did me the courtesy of showing me around and buying me … Continue reading

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Bloglines no more

I have ended my relationship with Bloglines today, after mucho problemos. Yesterday it decided to stop loading my subscribed-to list for several hours. It was the final straw in months of poor technical service. I never really liked Google Reader, … Continue reading

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Another year…

Happy Christmas to all of my very nice readers. Here’s to a joyful and IMF-laden… oh wait no doom and gloom (or reality). Things are grand Ted, sure everything will be just grand. On the bright side, it’s not raining.

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