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Tsunami Videos

Cheese and Crackers just got hit with 1.8 million visitors looking for Tsunami videos. Many of them are BitTorrents, but he also has WMVs, MP4s and ASFs. Many of the visitors seem to be coming from Drudge. Some of the … Continue reading

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On Stinginess

I really don’t know what Glenn is getting so worked up about. He is persistently misrepresenting what was said. Is anyone fact checking Glenn? Matthew correctly points out: Besided that, a word on the “stingy” issue. What the UN official … Continue reading

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Tsunami death toll tops 80,000

The toll keeps going up, and will probably top 100,000. Some pretty harrowing scenes on TV – bloggers are doing their best on describing events, as sites like Instapundit report. Donations are approaching a quarter of a billion dollars. You … Continue reading

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Earthquake in Asia

A pretty massive earthquake – Glenn has a roundup of local bloggers to go check out. Here are the seismic readings.

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The offensive has begun…

Fallujah offensive begins, Iraqi troops seize main hospital. Iraqi troops took control of the main hospital in the besieged city of Falluja, a U.S. pool reporter outside the city said Sunday. The operation marks the start of the planned offensive … Continue reading

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Six die as train ploughs into car

While travelling on trains or planes I sometimes wonder what would it be like if something tragic were to happen, how it would affect me, or the strangers around me. I used to get this train every day, I do … Continue reading

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Video Shows 9/11 Hijackers' Security Check

Some of the hijackers who crashed a jetliner into the Pentagon (news – web sites) on Sept. 11, 2001, twice set off alarms as they passed through metal detectors that morning at Washington Dulles International Airport, but security screeners did … Continue reading

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Bookies pay out for Big Brother nookie

Michelle and Stu got it on the other day, and the bookies have been forced to pay up. Yes I do watch Big Brother.

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Colombia Three freed

News just out, the three lads who were ‘on holidays’ in Colombia, on false passports, have been released.

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Library of Alexandria discovered

The BBC is reporting that the lost Library of Alexander has been found, great news if the whole site can be fully explored. Carl Sagan was fascinated with the books that may have been present in the library – perhaps … Continue reading

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